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Our book, Environart Vol. 1, contains recycled crafts ideas.

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Making Rebatched Marble soap with scraps of soap



150 g of water

600 g Soap scraps or CP (Cold Processed) soap made with used oil

400 g MP (Melt and Pour) soap base

Essential oils

Slow cooker


1. Cut the MP soap base into pieces as small as possible.


2. Cut the CP soap base into medium pieces to make texture in the design of the soap.

3. Put the water, MP soap, and CP soap in the slow cooker.


4. Heat it for 3 hours at high heat.


5. After the 3 hours when the MP soap is completely melted and the CP soap is still in small chunks, mix essential oils into this mixture.


6. Pour the mixture into a silicon mold.


7. If there are extra soap pieces, put them on top of the soap in the mold for decoration.


8. After 2 days when the soap is hard, cut it into bars.


9. Dry these soaps even more for about a month before use.

Making plain soap with used oil for washing clothes



124 g Sodium hydroxide

240 g Water

200 g Palm oil

200 g Coconut oil

400 g Used oil


Large bowl


Stick blender

Silicon mold

Blanket or towel

Goggles and gloves



1. Put on your goggles and gloves.


2. Filter the used oil.


3. Weigh all of the ingredients.


4. Combine all oils in the bowl.


5. Put the bowl on the stove on medium.


6. Turn it off when a chunk of soap the size of a Ping-Pong ball remains.

7. Go safely outside and put on the mask.

8. Slowly pour in the sodium hydroxide in the water while stirring.


9. Leave it outside until it stops steaming.

10. Make sure the oils and the sodium hydroxide with water are both 40°-50°C, and combine them in the bowl.

8 9

11. Use the whisk to stir a little bit, and then use the blender in three-second intervals about 5 times. Make sure it is touching the bottom.

10 11

12. Stir for 30-40 minutes using the whisk.


13. Pour the now thick mixture into the mold.


14. Lightly tap the side to make sure all bubbles and foam are gone from the surface.

15. Wrap the mold with a blanket or towel to keep the soap a constant warm temperature for 2 days.


16. Take the soap carefully out of the mold and let it dry for an additional day, then cut it into desired sizes.


17. Keep the soap in an well-ventilated area under room temperature



Why should we recycle used oil anyway?

Proper oil waste disposal is crucial. It is important to save used cooking oil instead of pouring it down the drain. It could potentially clog drains or seriously inhibit plant growth if it gets into nature. So, we make biodegradable soap out of the oil, so it is not wasted and when it does get into nature, the soap does not affect anything.


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